David Bindelglass

David Bindelglass, First Selectman

Since 2019, Dave has earned a reputation for strong leadership by maintaining great schools, improving services for kids and seniors, and protecting open spaces. A 27-year resident, Dave is an orthopedic surgeon whose healthcare experience guides COVID policies to help keep Easton safe and our kids in school. A strong constituent advocate, Dave is working to hold cable companies accountable and continues to protect Easton from misinformation that endangers our reputation and home values. He's committed to leading with integrity and #JustTheFactsEaston.

Bob Lessler, Selectman

Bob's wealth of experience is the foundation that has built Easton's reputation for excellent town governance that serves us all. For almost 22 years as a Selectman, Bob has delivered projects of enormous significance to our community. He's been a strong supporter of seniors, our farms and our schools. Bob helped make the Joel Barlow turf stadium and Firefighters/EMS tax abatements possible and worked to establish the Agriculture Commission. Dating from his tenure on the Board of Finance through today, Bob has consistently advocated sensible land use planning, open space preservation, senior tax relief, and public school excellence.

Bob Lessler