our vision

The Easton Democratic Town Committee is focused on working within our local and state communities to engineer solutions which will drive long-term prosperity for our residents, improve the quality of life in Easton, and ensure all members of our community’s needs are addressed.


  • Plan responsibly and proactively.
  • Maintain educational excellence.
  • Control taxes.
  • Advocate for improved services and facilities.
  • Oppose development that endangers our quality of life.
  • Protect our open space and rural beauty.


  • Serve our town and nation by participating on committees, boards, and in elections
  • Share our goals and values and maintain transparency
  • Foster dialogue and encourage conversations about our platform and objectives
  • Hold forums to hear concerns, host visitors at our meetings, and provide opportunities to speak with us on topics of interest
  • Bridge relationships to our national party and neighboring DTC’s
  • Advocate on behalf of everyone, regardless of political affiliation
  • Stand behind our ideas and forcefully champion them in the spirit of creating a better community


We encourage active participation by all community members in town meetings.  By respectfully and consistently working together we will achieve a bright future for Easton.  This is the spirit of democracy.

We recognize that the role of the government is limited.  We nevertheless regard democratic government as a force for good, a source of hope, and a means to achieve a fair and prosperous society.

We respect the democratic process, with healthy debate and differences of opinion, and the ultimate outcomes of that process.

We support public officials of high ethics, character, and competence, and promote civility in all aspects of public life.

We believe that there is an objective truth, that it is essential to proper functioning of democratic society, and that those who don’t speak the truth should be held accountable.  We will never be indifferent to the truth.

We defend high quality public education for all students; an educated citizenry will contribute positively to its community.

We believe that all people deserve justice and compassion.

We support policies and decisions that protect our agricultural heritage, Easton’s unique environmental assets, and strategic improvements that improve Easton’s attractiveness.

We believe in a constitution that supports and guarantees equal rights for all, regardless of race, religion, gender, nation of  birth, or orientation; that protects a free and independent press and judiciary, and promotes the rule of law.

Issues and Endorsements

The Easton DTC requests your support when voting for the following issues. 

Firearm Ordinance

Firearm Ordinance  Read more…

Prohibiting Waste Associated with Natural Gas and Oil Extraction.

The Easton, CT Ordinance prohibiting waste associated with natural gas oil extraction.  Read more…