Easton Democratic Town Committee Members

Below is a complete listing of our members and officers. If you are interested in joining our Town Committee, or for more information, please contact us.


Officers and Executive Committee

Adam Halberg, Chairman

Scott Charmoy
, Vice Chairman

Ira Kaplan
, Secretary

Maureen Williams
, Treasurer


Members and Committee Chairs

Alfandre, Victor

Bindelglass, David

Bindelglass, Gloria

Camuto, Pat

Charmoy, Scott, Vice Chairman DTC

Charmoy, Sheila

Cunningham, John, Policy Chair

DeWester, Nanette, Communications Chair

Dollard, Linda

Gordon, A.Reynolds

Halberg, Adam, Chairman DTC

Hughes, Anne

Kaplan, Ira, Secretary DTC

Katz, David

Leonard, Elliot, Fundraising Chair

Lessler, Robert, Town Selectman

Lindoerfer, Paul

Massini, Nicole

Mullins, Wiley

Peskay, Vida

Rosamilia, Lou

Rozo, Veronica, District Leaders Chair

Schrage, Robert

Silverstein, Maggie, Elections Chair

Smith, David

Smith, Sue

Stone, Bucky

Sullivan, Rocky

Thorsen, Karen

Tracy, Marje

Williams, Maureen, Treasurer DTC, Budget & Finance, Outreach Chair

Yordon, Mary X.

Yordon, Nathaniel

Emeritus Members

Margot Adams
Verena Evans
Marvin Gelfland
Nick Soares
Elaine Spicer
Jamie Weinstein