Get Involved

With the public’s support, the Easton Democrats are working hard to have a positive impact on the issues that matter to our entire community: responsible town planning and preservation of open space, limiting the burden on taxpayers, improving the public school system, enhancing community services. Please join us in this important work; volunteer opportunities are listed below and on the attached pdf.


Register as a Democrat
We welcome new members and would value your contributions to the party. Did you know that the process of registering to vote or changing your party registration is as simple as completing the form that can be found on the Secretary of the State’s website?
Go to: Voter Registration Application English and Spanish

If you’re already registered as a Democrat and would like to participate more actively in the political life of the community, please print out the DTCVolunteerForm.pdf, check off your areas of interest, and send to the Easton Democratic Town Committee, P.O. Box 32, Easton, CT 06612, or call Robin Pantalena at 268-8419.

• I will help phone.
• I will help label and mail Democratic literature.
• I will help with communications (press releases, brochures, graphic design).
• I am interested in serving on the Democratic Town Committee.
• I will help with local, state, or national campaigns (specify:_________________).
• I will help plan or host Easton Democratic Party events.
• I will help on election day.
• I will help with fundraising.
• I will walk door-to-door with candidates or materials.
• I will help drive voters to the Polls on election day.
• I NEED a ride to the Polls. Please call me to schedule a time.
• I am interested in serving on a town board or commission. (Please specify below)

_____ Brd of Selectmen
_____ Parks & Recreation Commission
_____ Brd of Assessment Appeals
_____ Brd of Finance
_____ Human Resources Advisory Commission
_____ Police Commission
_____ Planning & Zoning Commission
_____ Employee Pension & Benefits
_____ Fire Commission
_____ Zoning Board of Appeals
_____ Insurance Commission
_____ EMS Commission
_____ Conservation Comm.
_____ Commission for the Aging
_____ Building Brd of Appeals
_____ School Building Commission
_____ Senior Center Advisory Board
_____ Road Commission
_____ Easton Brd of Ed (K-8)
_____ Board of Ethics
_____ Area 9 Cable Council
_____ Region 9 Brd of Ed (9-12)
_____ Library Board
_____ Solid Waste Commission
_____ Land Acquisition Authority
_____ Relief for the Elderly Commission
_____ Clean Energy Task Force
_____ Other