The DTC is Riding The Blue Wave with Fun and Informative Events Coming This Winter and Spring!

Please check back to this page often to see what we have planned.  We’d love to have you join us to celebrate Easton and learn more about how we can help our community.

Here’s what’s coming up next:

12/10 Connecticut Democrats Progress Celebration Fundraiser in Hartford


Spring 2019, Visit Representative Anne Hughes in Hartford
(dates and details TBD)


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Paid for and approved by the Easton Democratic Town Committee, Maureen P. Williams, Treasurer



Below are some of our recent events—
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Annual Neary Dinner at Barcelona Wine Bar, Norwalk

Selectman Bob Lessler giving the Neary Award to The Silvermans


Campaign Event at Maggie Silverstein’s Home



Community Events- Tax Forum and Voter Appreciation

The Easton Democrats recently sponsored two successful events to benefit our community and celebrate our town.  The first was a Tax Forum to gain insights on the new tax laws.  The second was a Voter Appreciation Brunch to honor all who step up and participate in our democracy.

Tax Forum — May 17th, 2018

Tax panel with Maureen Williams serving as moderator and guest panelists from left to right, Edward Burger, CPA, Shari Elias, CPA, Sherman Turner, tax attorney, Christopher J. Neubert, J.D., CFP.  Photo courtesy of Doug Bilinski

Voter Appreciation Brunch— May 20th 2018

Happy Voter Appreciation Brunch attendees John Palascak, Victor Alfandre DTC member, and Veronica Rozo DTC member. Photo courtesy of Nanette DeWester

For more on our special Voter Appreciation Brunch and to see Easton resident Luella Ostrovsky receive her certificate for a lifetime of dedication to our democracy, click the link to watch!


And, to read more about the Voter Appreciation Brunch, click on the link to the Aspectuck News

Voter Appreciation Event Honors Young and Old in Easton, Bob Sample, June 4th 2018