Core Values

We Democrats recognize that the capacity of government is limited but we regard democratic government as a force for good and a source of hope. At the heart of our party lies a fundamental conviction: that Americans must not only be free, but they must live in a fair society. We believe it is the responsibility of government to help us achieve this fair society.

A society where the elderly and disabled can lead lives of dignity, where all people can find jobs, where workers have the right to join unions, where taxes are based on ability to pay, where the Constitution guarantees the equal rights of women, where minority civil rights are secured, where public and private discrimination is condemned and where government moves aggressively to lawfully end such discrimination, where we recognize that strengthening the family and protecting children are essential to our nation’s health, where sound education, proper nutrition, quality medical care, affordable housing, safe streets and a healthy environment are possible for every citizen, where the livelihoods of our family farmers are stable, where a strong national defense is a common effort, where promoting human rights is a basic value of our foreign policy, and where we work to reduce the risk of nuclear war.

This is our purpose and our promise.

We believe in the Rule of Law, the Consent of the Governed, in Majority Rule and protection of Minority Rights, in playing by the rules and supporting civility in our civic life.

We believe that slavery was an original sin of our founding, and that it is our responsibility to acknowledge that and to give priority to striving to unify our country across regions and racial divides.

We believe in accepting the outcomes of our democratic process, and in not attempting to usurp or undermine our democratic process for the sake of achieving particular policy objectives. We believe in treating with respect even those with whom we most strongly disagree. We are in this together, we need to work with one another, and that is why we establish rules and government: to settle issues in conferences and elections, and not in street brawls. We recognize that even when we are in the majority, we will not get everything we want. That is Democracy.

We believe in the sanctity of the electoral process and voting access, and pledge to promote and defend them, and indeed to improve them.

We do not believe in requiring equal outcomes, and recognize that even equal opportunity is but an ideal. But we believe that every child deserves a quality education, a full belly, and a safe street, which provides a good opportunity for them to achieve their potential, and we support educational funding and focus that makes quality education a reality rather than a platitude. For every child in every zip code.

We believe that Capitalism is a powerful force that has improved the lives of our citizens, but that untrammeled free enterprise, without constraint or modulation, can lead to a level of inequality that is harmful to the majority, and that our policies should support innovation and business while limiting the harm and inequality they can lead to.

We believe that corruption can eat away at the trust necessary for society to function, and we believe in zero tolerance for public corruption among elected and appointed officials.

We support an independent judiciary and an independent press and believe they are indispensable to the healthy thriving of our democratic society.

We believe in the US Constitution and in the principles of Limited Government, and in checks and balances, and encourage Congress to assert its authority.

IN EASTON, Democrats will

Plan responsibly and proactively

Maintain educational excellence

Protect our opens spaces and rural beauty

Control taxes

Advocate for improved services and facilities

Oppose development that endangers our distinctive qualities

We encourage active participation of all Easton citizens in town decisions. By working together with mutual respect we will achieve the brightest future for the town we call home.

The Democratic Party shall be open to all who desire to support the Party and who wish to be known as Democrats.

We will support Democratic candidates, but not unconditionally. We will recognize that the spectrum of candidate philosophy and character is a wider range than Hoover to FDR or Carter to Reagan. We recognize that even the Democratic Party could from time to time nominate an unsuitable candidate. The issues that may come before an official are unpredictable and surely broader than the narrow issues that tend to dominate individual election cycles. Character and competence matter, and we will NEVER put Party before Country.