On Becoming

The Christmas Tree Capital of Connecticut

Newly-elected State Representative Ann Hughes has thrown her support behind an initiative to designate Easton, CT as the Christmas Tree Capital of Connecticut., and the movement is gaining ground, with official status expected this year.  

 The brainchild of Easton resident and long-time marketer Lori Cochran-Dougall 


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Easton-The Christmas Tree Capital of Connecticut

I credit my appointment to this position to my willingness to find a political middle ground. I aim continue doing just that in the coming years for the benefit of my district, our state, my our local communities, so we can grow together through the short and long-term challenges we face.

The Easton DTC requests your support when voting for the following issues.  We welcome your input and support around our positions.

Prohibiting Waste Associated with Natural Gas and Oil Extraction. Better communication

The Easton, CT Ordinance prohibiting waste associated with natural gas and oil extraction….read more.
Anti-Fracking Ordinance – Nov 2018 


Firearm Ordinance – Nov 2018

About Ann Hughes

Anne Hughes is a first-term State Representative serving Easton, Weston, and Redding’s 135th district. She serves as a member on the Aging, Human Services, and Insurance and Real Estate Committees in the 2019 legislative session.

Anne works as a Licensed Master Social Worker for Jewish Senior Services’ Institute on Aging and as Coordinator for the Center for Elder Abuse Prevention. She also joined Easton’s DTC in 2016 to serve on Easton’s Commission on Aging.

Anne has devoted herself to public service throughout her life as exemplified by her decision to write a letter to President Nixon at the age of seven requesting him to consider the use of boxing gloves in lieu of semi-automatic rifles for wars. She was the Program Director at CLASP Homes INc, for over a decade which provides support homes for adults with autism and developmental disabilities. Anne co-founded the Norwalk Peacemakers and began The Goddess Faire art collaborative to host annual pop-up neighborhood art and music festivals.

She graduated Cum Laude from College of New Rochelle with Bachelors in Art and Political Science and earned her Master of Social Work at University of New England in 2014. She resides in Easton with her husband Tim with whom she has pursued a lifetime of community service.

How can I help?

Email Ann Hughes

Hartford Legislative Office Contact Info

Legislative Office Building, Room 4000
Hartford, CT 06106-1591 
1-800-842-8267 | (860) 240-8585