Easton’s Xenophobic Elected Official


May 25, 2020

Easton, CT —The Easton Democratic Town Committee disagrees strongly with Easton Board of Finance member Michael Kot’s April 29 letter about COVID-19. 

Among many outrageous comments, we are most alarmed by Mr. Kot’s mention of the “Chinese-created pandemic.” These inaccurate and xenophobic words show complete disregard for Easton’s Asian and Asian-American residents. Mr. Kot’s opinion is intentionally divisive and is unacceptable in our community. Discrimination from town leadership can create or enable conscious and unconscious bias in others, putting members of our community at risk. 

Easton resident Ya-Ching Liu told us that she’s “been subjected to many ignorant comments, including people calling the Chinese culture disgusting, or casual mentions of how they stay away from businesses where there are Asian people because they probably are carriers. It’s been hurtful to see the vitriol directed at people of Asian descent.”

We are dedicated to safety, equity and inclusion. We expect our public officials to uphold these most basic ideals, yet Mr. Kot is clearly prejudiced against some of the citizens he governs. 

A properly functioning and inclusive town like Easton must not tolerate bigotry and racism. We ask for Mr. Kot’s apology and an assurance that he will conduct his public responsibilities without discrimination. If he refuses to do so then we ask him to resign his position on the Board of Finance.


The Easton Democratic Town Committee

Sarah Lehberger
Easton Democratic Town Committee
Email: contact@eastonctdems.com
Phone: 646-425-7696