A Public Response from David Bindelglass Regarding Recent Letters & Your Vote

Dear Easton voters,

Tom Herrmann, Adam Dunsby, and the Republican Town Committee, in a letter dated October 30th and another dated November 1st, seek to divide our town with scare tactics and misrepresentations about your Democratic neighbors. 

The Republican leadership on the Board of Selectmen, including Kristi Sogofsky, refused to allow discussion of the April gun safety ordinance, proposed by Selectman Bob Lessler. As Bob stated at the time, this first draft was meant to encourage important dialogue about a heated topic so that the Board of Selectmen could modify and improve the ordinance to ensure the safety and peace of our community.

Many residents of Easton want to prevent the disturbance of the town’s peace and quiet, and unintentional danger caused by firearms. For example, one resident found a bullet lodged in her bed’s headboard, another in his car, and another’s dog was shot by a stray bullet. I know this is a difficult topic, but good leaders conduct challenging conversations with their constituents by providing ample opportunity to share different perspectives and engage in respectful debate.

Our goal is
about what is best for our town.

We don’t believe in divisive tactics that scare and enrage people. It’s important that we discuss safety and quality of life concerns and that our Board of Selectmen be allowed to make decisions in the best interest of our town. Neither party should pressure elected officials about discussing – or not discussing – important topics. As your First Selectman, I will consider all proposals and will make decisions on legislation only after open discussion with the public, attentive listening and sharing of opinions, and careful thought.

Easton voters know our issues in this campaign. Instead of trying to mislead and instill division, we pledge to search for new sources of revenue, preserve open space, protect our seniors, and ensure the high quality of our schools. Achieving these goals will attract home buyers and subsequently increase our property values.

We will continue to present our vision to the town in a constructive and honest campaign.

I urge all of Easton to vote Democratic on November 5th for honest, open, thoughtful, and energetic new leadership for Easton.


David Bindelglass

2 responses to “A Public Response from David Bindelglass Regarding Recent Letters & Your Vote”

  1. Maureen Williams Avatar
    Maureen Williams

    And we will bring that organization and that energy to this town. We won’t sit by and ‘wait’ for ideas to be brought to use but will actively seek them out and generate them ourselves. Leadership is doing not waiting.

  2. Thanks you for your thoughtful and measured response to a tactic clearly meant to mislead, misinform, and raise hackles. I hope most residents are too intelligent to fall into this clearly designed a la Trump swamp. Is there anything I can do to help?

    Vida Peskay

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