Spotlight Feature Series: Meet Devon Wible, Candidate for Board of Finance in Easton, CT

Why are you running for election to the Board of Finance?

I’m a mommy to three boys, and I care deeply about building a sustainable community for all Easton residents. Those who’ve met me (or have had a chance to work with me as an alternate on the Board of Finance), can easily say that I’m passionate about funding our schools and keeping class sizes small, preserving our town’s bucolic landscape, and protecting our seniors by controlling the mill rate. I want to continue to work on how we manage spending in town and seek new sources of revenue other than increasing the burden on individual tax payers. My goal is to do all of this with transparency, empathy, and an understanding for the needs of others in town.

Where can you be found around town, and with whom or doing what?

I can be found with my family at the soccer fields next to Samuel Staples Elementary School (SSES) watching Lewis (6.5) and Robert (almost 4) play. We also spend time at the ECC and within SSES where I volunteer as part of the PTO. I also love grabbing a cup of coffee at Greiser’s or lunch at EVS (the soup is amazing!). We spend time hiking the local trails or at Silverman’s Farm picking fruit or feeding the animals. We also have a 14-year-old puggle named Kahli. She is a bit of an escape artist and is well-known around our neighborhood (oh the laughs she provides our neighbors with). Kahli also loves to eat and is always tricking us into feeding her an extra meal. We let it slide… because dogs are the best!

Tell us something unique about you or your past that others might not know?

I am a huge sports fan. I played Varsity softball at Princeton (was a catcher) — was a regional All-American and an All-Ivy selection. I also played slow pitch softball before our youngest, Oliver, came along and now love supporting my kids while they play sports. I am also a huge Cubs and Broncos fan.

What is something that you wish you knew sooner about town and how can you help others as they seek this info too?

I wish I knew how the whole budgeting process worked for our town and our schools. I thought the Board of Education set the school budget, but in reality they are reacting to what the Board of Finance sets. I also didn’t realize how much our voices matter, and how important it is to attend meetings and speak during public comment.

Now that I have learned these things and other ways that the town operates, I would love to tackle how we raise revenue locally. Our town relies solely on personal property taxes and needs to find ways to raise revenue in a way that is in line with Easton’s values. If you care about our school budgets, seeking new sources of revenue, and making sure that we protect the people, property values, and resources that we know and love – join us and vote Democratic on 11/5 at SSES! I’d also love your support if you can donate towards my campaign as well. See you at the polls!

Devon pictured here with her husband and three sons

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  1. Mindy M Lampert Avatar

    I’ve known Devin Wible for many years. She is a consummate professional and a great listener. She would be an asset to any Board.

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