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Press Release

EASTON, CT — The Easton Democratic Town Committee is pleased to announce its slate of candidates for the 2019 Easton municipal elections on November 5th. Candidates were endorsed at a special meeting on July 22nd held at the Easton Public Library.

David Bindelgass Work Photo

David Bindelglass

David Bindelglass, who is running for first selectman, is an orthopedic surgeon and Chief of Orthopedics at Bridgeport Hospital, and in private practice at the Orthopedic Specialty Group, where he is also a member of the Executive Committee. He has served as President of the Medical Staff and as a member of the Board of Directors at Bridgeport Hospital. Bindelglass was elected to the Easton Board of Education in 2015, where he also currently serves on the Easton-Redding-Region 9 Joint Health Insurance Committee. His experience in promoting Easton’s education system, and his many years of caring for the elderly will be key strengths in this upcoming term.

Bindelglass was greeted with an enthusiastic round of applause as the endorsement vote was completed. He took to the podium to thank the enrolled members taking note of local Democrats active growth, enthusiasm, and motivation to serve the community.  “This is a huge step forward. We have a full slate of capable candidates and we should all be proud of this commitment to Easton’s future,” Bindelglass said to the inspired crowd that evening.

“Whether it’s schools, seniors, taxes, or protecting the beautiful rural nature of our town, it all comes down to leadership – facing our challenges and solving problems. By working together we can protect what makes Easton extraordinary while taking charge of our future,” said Bindelglass.

Bob Lessler

Joining Bindelglass will be incumbent Selectman Bob Lessler, who brings a wealth of institutional memory and experience to the Democratic ticket and has been endorsed to run for an eleventh term of stalwart service to the Town of Easton. His past roles also include the Board of Finance, the EMS and Firefighters Tax Abatement Committee, as well as the Helen Keller Middle School Building Committee. Both Lessler and Bindelglass hope to enact positive change in Easton, while maintaining the elements of town that make it such a desirable place to live. 

Devon Wible

Devon Wible has been endorsed to run for the Board of Finance (BOF). This will be her first time running since her appointment to the BOF position in June. Wible is very involved in the Easton community serving on the Board at the ECC, and as membership chair on the PTO. She brings a deep understanding of education and financial management, as Vice President of Academics for Catapult Learning.

Tara Donnelly Gottleib

Joining Wible as a first time candidate for the BOF is Tara Donnelly Gottlieb. Gottlieb brings her expertise as a Certified Public Accountant, as well as her strong advocacy and leadership skills from her involvement within the Everytown Survivor Network and Moms Demand Action communities.

The two candidates, together, bring a unique perspective with a focus on education, strategic planning and financial management, all of which will be crucial in the upcoming budget season as spending levels and the education budget are back in the forefront of discussions.

The Democrats also endorsed Walter Kowalczyk for Tax Collector, Katy Reed and Karen O’Brien for the Region 9 Board of Education, Jon Stinson and Katy Reed for the Easton Board of Education, Veronica Rozo and Douglas L. Bilinski MD for the Library Board, Lise Fleuette and Stephanie Christie for the Zoning Board of Appeals, Scott Charmoy for the Board of Assessment Appeals, and Gloria Bindelglass, David Katz, and Irv Silverman as Constables.

The Easton Democratic Town Committee Chair, Nanette DeWester, expressed her enthusiastic support for the slate and excitement about the future of Easton under Democratic leadership.

“Easton is a special place — unlike any in Connecticut.  We are at a crossroads and must choose leadership that both safeguards our unique community and fosters a healthy future for us all.  I know that all of the Democratic candidates will make the right choices to lead us there.  It’s time to have an active government that examines the choices facing Easton and plans for the future.”

-Nanette Dewester, DTC Committee Chair

To learn more about the Easton Democratic Town Committee’s mission, leadership, and how to get involved, please visit:

Easton Democratic Town Committee slate of candidates pictured from left to right:  Lise Fleuette, Stephanie Christie, Katy Reed, Devon Wible, Douglas L. Bilinski MD, David Bindelglass, Scott Charmoy, Gloria Bindelglass, David Katz, Bob Lessler, and Veronica Rozo. (Candidates not pictured: Tara Donnelly Gottlieb, Walter Kowalczyk, Karen O’Brien, Irv Silverman, and Jon Stinson.)


Sarah Lehberger
Communications Chair
Easton, CT Democratic Town Committee

Phone: 646-425-7696