Town Referendum Tuesday May 3 at Samuel Staples 6am – 8pm

Easton Democrats made history last November when 56% of of us turned out in support of our candidates in the municipal elections. And this Tuesday, May 3, we need the same level of enthusiasm to pass our town and school budgets, as well as a critical proposal to sell the most environmentally fragile parcel of South Park to the Aspectuck Land Trust. Please vote YES to support these important measures which will keep Easton a great place to live.

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Absentee Ballots are available and MUST BE RECEIVED no later than 8:00 p.m. on the day of the referendum vote Tuesday, 5/03/2022 . Find More information on how to vote by absentee ballot HERE.

Support the sale of the South Park parcel to the Aspetuck Land Trust

Your voice is essential to support the sale of the South Park parcel to the Aspetuck Land Trust to protect this very special land in Easton forever. The proposal already has bipartisan support from your BOS, Planning and Zoning Committee, and South Park Advisory Committee, as well as Citizens for Easton. Showing up to vote on Tuesday is showing up to support everyone from Easton who's worked so hard to create this rare opportunity! Let's be sure to outnumber the handful of opponents who would deprive Easton of the very best option we can imagine to preserve this beautiful and fragile corner of Easton for future generations while also solving a problem the town has grappled with for years. With broad bipartisan support, only our own low turnout can defeat us.  So see you at the polls and stop by the DTC for your Swedish Fish to celebrate all the trout whose future in the Mill River will be in very good hands with the Aspetuck Land Trust.

Read First Selectman Dave Bindelglass' full letter to the Courier HERE.

Read more about the Aspetuck Land Trust HERE.

Read the Final Report of the South Park Advisory Committee HERE.

April 8 at Art Laske’s barn

After a long winter break, Easton Democrats got together to celebrate spring on April 8 at Art Laske's barn.  We heard from Rep. Jim HimesState Rep. Anne Hughes, and our State Senate candidate Tim Gavin before the music started on a beautiful spring night. Sign up for our newsletters so you won't miss the next DTC hootenanny! Be in the know about future events: Get our Newsletter

Come meet our State Senate Candidate Tim Gavin

Come meet our State Senate Candidate Tim Gavin at the DTC tent outside Samuel Staples on May 3!  A Connecticut native, Tim is a Distinguished Military Graduate of Yale University and he spent four years serving in the US Army as an Active Duty Infantry Platoon Leader. Since leaving the Army, Tim has worked in the tech sector, combating child exploitation online. Tim will bring unmatched integrity and a solutions-oriented mindset to Hartford as he works to strengthen CT's economy, increase voting accessibility, invest in public education, take care of our seniors and veterans. Tim is the strong candidate we need to flip our state senate seat blue!

Sample Ballot

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