Democratic Elected & Appointed Officials

Elected Officials

Board of Selectmen – Robert Lessler
Registrar of Voters – David Smith
Board of Finance – Arthur Laske III, Paul Lindoerfer, Gabriel Rossi (Alternate)
Board of Assessment Appeals – A. Reynolds Gordon
Library Board – Elaine Spicer, Jon Sonneborn, Janet Gordon
Easton Board of Education – Regina Bobroske, Vida Peskay, Dr. Daniel Underberger M.D.
Constables – Gloria Bindelglass, Richard Greiser, Irving Silverman

Appointed Officials

Town Sanitarian – Paula A. Edwards
Park and Recreation Commission – Thomas Cable
Planning & Zoning Commission – Bob DeVellis, Ross Ogden (alternate)
Zoning Board of Appeals – Pat Berlin, Gregory Alves (alternate)
Board of Assessment Appeals – Gloria R. Kovac (Alternate)
Insurance Commission – Peter Pisaretz
Municipal Agent for the Elderly – Alison Witherbee
Measurer of Wood – Irving Snow
Fire Marshal – Peter G. Neary, Lucy Crossman (Deputy Marshal), Schuyler Sherwood (Deputy Marshal)
Board of Ethics – Kathy Cunningham, Cleo Sonneborn
Greater Bridgeport Regional Planning Agency – Peter Neary
Easton Representative to the Southwestern Connecticut Emergency Medical Services Council – Carolyn Kearney
Police Commission – Marvin Gelfand
Emergency Medical Services Commission – Gloria Bindelglass, Stephen Jones, M.D., Robert Adriani
Pension and Employee Benefits Commission – Marvin Gelfand, A. Reynolds Gordon, Christopher Neubert
Solid Waste Commission – Irving Snow, Philip Snow
Advisory Board for the Easton Senior Center – Mary Burlinson, Sharon Cregeen, Anne Fiyalka
Fire Commission – Ralph T. Altieri, Bobbie Cable
Conservation Commission – Catherine Alfandre
Commission for the Aging – Joel Peskay, Phyllis Machledt
Area Nine Cable Council Representatives – Henry Anderson, David Smith
Tax Relief for the Elderly Committee – Sally Factor, Marvin Gelfand, A. Reynolds Gordon, Paul Lindoerfer
Cemetery Committee– Robert Bloom, David Silverglade
Clean Energy Task Force – Catherine Alfandre, Heidi Armster, Robert DeVellis, Regina McNamara
Land Preservation and Acquisition Authority – Victor Alfandre, Christopher Neubert, Irving Snow (alternate), Jeffrey Borofsky (alternate)
Easton Agricultural Commission – Victor Alfandre, Irv Silverman
Technology Committee – Kerry Caylor